New (or maybe revamped for) this summer is a Leaders in Training (LIT) program. This program replaces the Support Staff and Junior Staff from the past few years and is designed to develop young people for leadership. You can register for LIT here.

LIT is targeted for youth 14-16 years old (or completed Grades 8-10) and founded in Biblical discipleship, service, relationship, and personal growth. LIT is a graduated program with three distinct levels each designed to develop leadership and discipleship with a separate focus. The first two levels are a three-week commitment at Pines and the third level is a two-week commitment.

LIT #1 is designed for discipleship through service. This first year has a strong focus on service at camp and is our primary dining room and dish crew. The three weeks for this level are spent in sessions exploring the Christian faith, why we believe what we believe, understanding what the Bible is and how to read it, how to live in Christian community, etc. all while being integrated in some of the broader aspects of camp such as wide games, chapels, and campfires.

LIT #2 is designed for discipleship through leading. This second year has a strong focus on developing leaders through practical leadership opportunities. The three weeks at Pines for this level are spent in sessions diving deeper into personal faith, developing a Biblical apologetic, learning how to live a life of congruence and integrity, and providing the opportunity for peer support. This group of young people will be participating in camp as Day Camp and Activity leaders/assistants, serving alongside our Program Assistants to prep for wide games and having the opportunity to practice what is learned in their sessions through chapel skits, sharing, etc.

LIT #3 is designed for 16-year-old youth to be discipled through active camp leadership. This level is two weeks in length with the first week spent working in a role at camp (cabin leading, lifeguard, program, cooking, etc.) under the supervision of senior camp staff and the LIT Directors. The second week is spent debriefing from this experience, having sessions that encourage and develop stronger personal and corporate faith, as well as providing the opportunity to serve in Activities, Day Camps, and the broader camp experience.

All three levels of LIT will have times set aside for the program as a whole to connect for praise & worship, free time, group service projects, participation in camp-wide activities such as beach, and to feel as though they are part of the community of Pines Bible Camp.

The cost for each session is $400/person to cover the costs of staffing, food, program expenses, etc. The LIT participants will stay in a cabin with the appropriate LIT Director (1 male, 1 female) and are considered campers for the purposes of policy & procedure as well as insurance.

This year we will accept registrations for those who are under 14 but participated in the Support Staff program in 2019. Also, Junior Staff from 2019 who are under 17 remain eligible to apply for a similar volunteer/employment role in 2020 and are not required to participate in the LIT Program.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or would like to discuss this program further.