Summer Camps

2017 Registration Dates!!

Date Camp Ages Cost
July 10 – 15 Camp 1 – Kids Camp 8 – 10 $275
July 17 – 22 Camp 2 – Kids Camp 9 – 12 $275
July 28 – 30 Family Camp All Ages under 4 free
5-17 $40
18+ $55
August 3 – 5 Camp 3 – Small Fry Camp 6 – 8 $115
August 7 – 12 Camp 4 – Kids Camp 11 – 13 $285
August 14 – 19 Camp 5 – Junior Teen Camp 12 – 14 $290
August 21 – 26 Camp 6 – Senior Teen Camp 14 – 17 $305

*To Register select a camp in the table above to register online or print out this paper registration form.

Daily Activities

At Pines Bible Camp’s summer camps, kids will get to enjoy a variety of activities which can including: wide games, beach time, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, crafts, a variety of sports, challenge course, archery, hiking, cup stacking, field games, chapels, campfires, snack at the tuck shop, and great meals and evening snacks. All our staff go through our staff training and are committed to making your child’s summer camp experience an excellent one.

A typical day for kids summer camp will begin with breakfast, followed by morning chapel where there will be singing, skits, and a special speaker. Then before lunch each camper will participate in some of the camp activity skills. After lunch there will be a rest time which is quickly followed by a field game and the most important trip to the general store for tuck. After tuck time campers will make their way to the beach for swimming and beach fun until supper. After supper there will be a large wide game, followed by snack and campfire in the evening. At campfire there will be more singing, skits, and the special speaker before campers make their way back to their cabins for night. Sometimes before bedtime we will play an exciting night game in the dark which, for most, is a highlight in their week. Campers are kept busy all day to ensure that their week of summer camp is full of fun, learning, and new experiences.

Did you know YOU can help send a child to camp!?

The actual cost of camp is more than twice as much as the prices above, fortunately we are able to subsidize the cost of camp with off season revenue and many generous donations.

Still some kids are unable to afford to come to camp. Now you can help send a child to camp by helping subsidize their cost even more!

When registering online you can choose if you’d like to pay the minimum price due (the prices above), or pay a little more. Please select one of four tier items that will add an addition 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your child’s registration fees to your cost. Every dollar added will help send a kid to camp!