The Tuesday after American Thanksgiving has recently been called “Giving Tuesday” as a way for people to give after a weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending.

Pines Bible Camp is participating in this campaign to help raise funds for our activity areas, specifically Archery, Bazooka Bowl, and Ropes Courses, and staff housing.

  1. Archery
    • This year, some much needed upgrades are required for our archery range to enhance safety and camper enjoyment. We are required to have a fence along both sides, running the full length of the range, to prevent anyone from accidentally wandering into an active archery activity. As added safety, we will be hanging an arrow stop behind the targets. This will also prolong the life of our equipment.
    • Total costs for these upgrades will be in the $3000 range
  2. Bazooka Bowl
    • Since its creation, we have been partnering with Gospel Chapel Youth Group to provide this activity for our summer program. Pines does not own any of the paintball markers used for paintball and bazooka ball; however, we have been maintaining this equipment. This season, we would like to begin the process of purchasing new gear for this activity as well as upgrading some of the obstacles in the bowl. The camp has budgeted $500 towards new paintball markers, which would get us two new sets of gear.
    • The existing obstacle course needs some new challenges. Some ideas we have been discussing are: a couple of towers, new trenches dug, and modifications to the current obstacles.
    • Total costs for this would be about $1000
  3. Ropes Courses
    • Our ropes courses are made up of Rock Climbing, Challenge Course, High Ropes, and Cooperative Challenge. These are very popular with our campers and get lots of use over the course of the summer. Because of the high-risk nature of these courses, safety is the number one priority and each year we invest nearly $10,000 for staff training and inspection of each of these areas. Included in the inspections are the courses themselves, the ground and environment surrounding the elements, and the safety equipment. This past summer we invested in new safety gear for the courses and this year we are beginning to budget for a couple of new sets each season. A set of safety equipment includes a harness, helmet, and lanyard and is an investment of about $500. The gear has a industry maximum lifetime of only 10-12 years.
  4. Staff Village
    • Our staff village is comprised of many buildings that are part of the original set of buildings and are needing some TLC to be more adequately outfitted to house the summer staff and volunteers through the summer. Some of the repairs required are: soffit & fascia, doors, windows, eavestrough, and exterior wall repair/replace where they are separating from the joists and studs. The state of disrepair these buildings have fallen into limits the usability of some of these spaces. Part of our ministry also involves staff care. One way we demonstrate this care is to provide adequate housing where they can find rest.
    • The costs for these repairs to staff village will start around $3000. 36 sheets of plywood are required for exterior wall repairs alone.

If you would like to give toward these or any other needs at Pines, please click the link below. Your generosity and service is what makes the Pines Bible Camp community so amazing!

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