School Groups

Experience the Great Outdoors with Epic Activities and Team Building Opportunities!

Plan an Unforgettable School Trip at Our Camp! Our facility offers a variety of options for your school trip. You can visit for a day or stay for several nights, depending on your preference. Our programing allows you to select a few activities (the number depends on staff availability), tailored to your group’s interests. Our team is dedicated to helping kids develop teamwork skills, emphasizing the importance of communication and collaboration. The prime time to enjoy our sites and activities is May & June or September to November. We guarantee that your students will love their experience at our facility and will look forward to returning.

For an estimate and to customize your own event please fill out our online Booking Inquiry Form.

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Important Information you need to know:

  • For spring, we can accommodate 10-100 students.
  • In the fall, the provided amenities and activities will depend on available staff. Typically, group sizes are around 30-75 people.
  • When booking activities, make sure to aim for an hour and a half time slot. Generally, we run 2-4 Activity Blocks per day, depending on the size of the group and staff availability.
  • Wi-Fi and coffee are available for adults only while on site. Not having Wi-Fi helps students focus on developing new skills, experiencing new opportunities, and building friendships with those around them with limited distractions.
  • Cell coverage at camp is limited to Rogers only. Those without a Rogers provider will not have service. There is a landline available for emergencies to communicate home.
  • We take pride in maintaining a clean and respectful environment at camp. Please dispose of garbage properly and respect our facilities, property, and staff. Littering or damaging camp property may result in a fee.

Private Bookings and Rentals

We Offer Personalized Events and Rentals

From Weddings, Corporate Retreats, Family Reunions, and more! We are ready to host you!

Come for the day or stay for the night! Our accommodations have you covered with 16 winterized cabins you are sure to keep warm no matter what time of year you book. In the spring, summer, and fall you can even bring your RV, or tent and stay in our full hook-up RV sites.

Our dining hall and industrial kitchen well equipped for any event. It’s perfect for cooking and serving meals as well as providing a space for sessions and meetings. The games room also provides a space for meetings, sessions and of course games! In the spring, summer, and fall you can also meet at our amphitheater, camp fire space, bleachers, or sit on the back patio of the dining hall for some shaded outdoor space.

We are also able to provide awesome activities for your event including team building exercises, high ropes, archery and more!

Book with us and your event is sure to be one you and your group will remember for years to come!


For an estimate and to customize your own event please fill out our online Booking Inquiry Form.

For more information give us a call at 250-442-0220 or send us an email at