High Ropes Course

Our new and improved High Ropes Course!

Designed and built by Adventure Experiences out of Texas, our course is sure to leave you with an experience you will never forget.

Challenge Course

  • These traversing elements are 30 feet across and 15 feet in the air
  • Burma Bridge (A three cable bridge)
  • Burma Loops (A 2 cable bridge with loops to walk on between)
  • Balance Log (walk across a log bridge)
  • Swinging Steps (walk across swing-like steps)
  • Giant Slide (this exit for the challenge course is the highlight)

High Ropes Course

  • High ropes course has 34 different elements, that’s too many to name! You can access the elements by walking up the steps of the tower and onto the 22 foot high platform, or if your brave enough you can go up to the 32 foot platform. For more of a challenge you can reach the 22 foot platform by climbing up our cargo net. Each element is 30 feet across and though some may look similar, they all offer a different and exciting challenge.

High Ropes & Team Elements

  • Leap of Faith (Participants climb up a pole to a foot height of 30 feet and jump to a suspended trapeze bar.)
  • Dangle Duo (You and your partner work together to climb to the top of this element which consists of 5 logs suspended horizontally like a giant ladder.)

Low Ropes Course

  • Several individual and team elements close to the ground to practice on and learn teamwork before taking on the Challenge Course and High Ropes Course. Some of these elements are shown on the above video as ‘Team Building Exercises’.

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