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The current Corona Virus COVID-19 situation has severely impacted our program revenue which we rely on to cover our operating expenses. Our May & June programming and revenue is primarily generated through partnerships with school groups using our site for leadership development and year-end class trips. A provincial health order has also restricted camps from operating overnight programs for children and youth. With schools closed and group gatherings limited to small numbers and with general camp restrictions, we are projecting a loss of $200,000 in revenue, which then translates into about $30,000 to invest into our summer camp program, staffing, and camper sponsorship. The loss of revenue is also impacting our day to day operations leading into the summer. Most of our year-round staff (full-time and part-time) have been furloughed or laid off. We have begun rehiring to avoid permanent staff layoffs. With staff costs reduced, we still have monthly expenses of $12,000 that need to be met. These expenses are for utilities, insurance, and regular monthly fees we cannot cancel/reduce. We are doing everything we can to keep our utility usage to a minimum and reduce costs through conversation with our providers. But we still need your help!

As part of the Pines Family, we are asking you to help carry us through this difficult time. We are looking to raise $10,000/month to cover our monthly expenses and ensure we have a bit extra for those unforeseen costs that arise. Right now, we are looking at raising funds to cover our costs until the end of 2020. We are able to run some form of summer camp this year, which will help with some revenue generation, and your support will carry us into next year.

If you are able to give and support Pines Bible Camp through these difficult times, please click the button below. A gift of any amount is appreciated. Along with the financial support, we thank you for holding the camp in your prayers! We celebrate how God has shaped and carried His ministry at Pines and we, as a family, come to Him knowing He will shape us and carry us through this as well.

Please Give

The ministry of Pines Bible Camp relies on support from individuals and communities in order to operate. The greatest support we can receive is through your prayers, upholding the Pines leadership, staff, volunteers, and campers. Pray that we will remain faithful to the calling God has for us and for the ministry; pray for health, safety, strength, and perseverance through the very busy summer months; and pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be presented clearly and without compromise.

We also rely on financial supports to maintain the operations of the ministry year-round. Camper fees are intentionally set affordably so that every child has an opportunity to attend and is not restricted by finances. The actual cost for a camper for a week of camp is 2-3 times more than the set registration fee. Financial donations and revenue from our guest groups helps keep these fees affordable. Some practical areas to give towards are:

  1. Camper Sponsorship (Campership Fund) – many parents contact us for full or partial sponsorship for camper fees. We typically provide about $7000 in camperships each summer in partnership with private donors and community agencies.
  2. General Operations – non-designated donations are put towards the general operational expenses of the ministry. Our income period for the year generally falls between March and October; however, expenses such as maintenance, monthly bills, salaries, and insurance are carried over the course of the full year.
  3. Capital or Designated Fund – if you prefer to give towards a specific project or area of camp these funds will be held and distributed accordingly. We do not have any capital projects planned so here are some areas where you can designate funds:
          1. Program Activities (archery, ropes courses, bazooka ball/paintball, kayaking, etc.)
          2. Kitchen Supplies (small/medium appliances, utensils/gadgets, aprons, oven mitts, etc.)
          3. Maintenance (vehicles & equipment, buildings, grounds, etc.)

If you wish to make a financial donation to help support Pines Bible Camp you can do so by clicking here.

If you would like to set up regular giving through a Pre-Authorized Debit plan, you can download and fill out the  PAD agreement form and return it via email to bookkeeper@pinesbiblecamp or by mail to 10005 North Fork Road Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H8.

We also now have monthly credit card giving options available. Download the form and return it via email or mail.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!