Join Our Team Any Time of the Year!

We have numerous positions that require filling all year round. If you’d like to contribute your skills at any point in the year, please complete our Volunteer form, and we’ll be in touch. In the form, you can sign up for one of our summer camp weeks or be added to a list of people we can get in touch with throughout the year when rental groups and or projects require extra help.


Exciting Summer Opportunity:

Join our summer camp team as a photographer/videographer to capture daily life and showcase your skills. The ideal candidate should commit to at least one week and possess skills in both photography and videography. The role includes organizing and transferring the media to a flash drive.

Support Staff

Exciting Summer Opportunity:

We’re on the lookout for dynamic individuals to join our team. The ideal candidate should be comfortable working with children and eager to assist in any capacity, from coordinating activities to covering for cabin leaders. While we would prefer someone who can commit to a full camp week, we are also open to considering other options for this position.

Staff Team 2022

Cleaning Crew

Exciting Summer, Fall, and Spring Opportunity: 

Join us in keeping our Camp clean! Every Friday, after our summer camp programming, there is a lot of cleaning up to do. We would greatly appreciate your help to make this process quicker and smoother. The tasks involve cleaning the bathrooms, dining hall, and dishpit.


Exciting Summer and Year Round Opportunity:

Join Our Kitchen Crew and Help Create Unforgettable Meals!

We’re always on the lookout for kitchen helpers to assist us throughout the week. Come join our team and contribute to memorable meals that will be cherished by both campers and staff.

Grounds and Maintenance

Exciting Summer and Year Round Opportunity:

If you’re the type of person who enjoys staying active and engaging in physical labor, we want you! Our team at Pines is currently seeking additional help anytime of the year to take on a variety of tasks. Vince and the team could use your support to tackle these much-needed projects. Lend a hand and make a meaningful contribution to Pines.